Safe Therapy Plays By The 3/7 Rule

Your pain is not worth keeping

In 3 sessions we END your Pain and in 7 sessions we give you the tools and insights to make lasting change.

While some therapists exclusively focus on body or somatic responses or cognitive responses, the Becoming Method™ addresses the following:

Body Mind Spirit
Polyvagal response of the 12 major organs
Thoughts, beliefs, and desires
Love and fear-based responses
Its potency lies in our comprehensive focus on thoughts, targeting the inception of thoughts and belief patterns, especially when clients are in a heightened emotional state.




How much sex, sleeping pills, overworking, alcohol, drugs, and marijuana are you using to numb the pain and get through your day?

How many people or places do you refuse to visit because of the deep hate you carry?

How many nights sleep do you lose because of fear and anxiety?

How many opportunities, known and unknown, have you lost because your shame makes you play small?
We see it every day. People of all walks of life, in a vast number of fields, with all manner of history and experiences, with one thing in common. They tolerate the pain.

10,000 Hours

Free Therapy Campaign

Gain a deep understanding of yourself, grow in ways unimagined, and overcome emotional challenges with our new 16-week therapy program.

Space is Limited

You dont have to hurt you because you're hurt

The most common feedback at the end of our 90-minute session is "I feel light" and "its like a weight I didn’t know I was carrying has lifted."

We promise you a 100% success rate or your therapy is free. The Becoming Institute team of trauma recovery specialists attribute their effectiveness to 3 key factors: A high capacity for intuitive connection, compassionate empathy, and a highly effective technique enabling clients to understand their traumatic patterns and shift rapidly. When you work with us, you will seamlessly transition from what we call the survival paradigm into the true nature paradigm.

Why should I trust you

If you really want to heal the wounds, come work with the best.
We guarantee a 100% client success rate for individuals, families, small groups, and entire communities that undergo our therapeutic process.
We're equipped to serve extreme cases of torture, accidents resulting in the loss of a loved one, survivors of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, families recovering from divorce, workplace bullying, harassment, and so much more.
We take pride in achieving results for those deemed hardest to reach and serve. Our therapeutic process offers you the essential elements of quality holistic psychotherapeutic care.
The most beautiful and fulfilling aspect of our therapeutic process is our 3-Day retreat which teaches every clients our technique and empowers them to continue their self-healing journey without having to depend on us.
Week 1
Five 2-hour sessions focused on regulating your autonomic nervous system
Week 2 - 7
Experience the powerful healing effects of the Becoming Method™
Week 8
Enjoy a 3-Day immersive Healing Retreat designed to accelerats your growth
Week 9 - 16
Gain valuable insight that inspire, motivate, and build a strong sense of belonging

S.H.I.F.T. Everything in 16 weeks

If you would like more information about the trauma recovery services we offer, please click on the link below to schedule a free consultation or send an email to


Three spiral-bound books titled "forgive: master the art of letting go, best therapy for trauma" by Joan Samuels-Dennis, Ph.D., displayed at different angles with one featuring the text

A Safe and Simple Start

The art of letting go Journal

A 40-Day Healing Cleansing Journey. Quickly bring peace and stillness into every relationship as you forgive and master the art of letting go. This journal was designed for individuals who are busy but are seeking to build their confidence, heal old wounds, grow in emotional intelligence, and spiritually mature.
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