The National Healing Journey

How do we restore our nation?

We gather. We speak truth. We forgive.
We reconcile with ourselves and our God.

The National Healing Journey

How do we restore our nation?

We gather. We speak truth. We forgive.
We reconcile with ourselves and our God.
We gather. We speak truth. We forgive. We reconcile with ourselves and our God.


Across the globe, Africans and the African diaspora continue to suffer inequality and disadvantage because of the legacy of slavery and colonialism…

People of African descent are among the poorest and most marginalized communities around the world. They have high rates of mortality and maternal deaths, and limited access to quality education, health services, housing, and social security even when available. We experience discrimination even as we attempt to access justice, and we face alarmingly high rates of police violence and racial profiling.

Artwork with geometric and natural elements revealed through a torn paper effect, embodying trauma processing.

The wounds

Families of the African and Caribbean Diaspora have experienced repeated assaults over the last 463 years.

Uprooting and Inter-generational trauma are now our greatest challenge as we repeat these assaults on ourselves.
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Our Answer

Its time to heal the wounds and end the grieving that has lingered for generations. Shift the patterns of self-abandonment, self-harm and disunity. Welcome our fathers and our sons home.
Artistic rendering of three tribal-style decorated feathers arranged diagonally, symbolizing trauma processing.

The marks

The Diaspora has subconsciously internalized the negative and limiting messages sent by schools, workplaces, media, and government about who we are, what we can or cannot do, and which of our qualities are valued or accepted.

Our Answer

It time to consciously shift our mindset and remember who we truly are. Shift the pattern of life and career disruption, relationship difficulties, burnout and failure to thrive. Welcome our own schools and the opportunity to teach our history.

Sailboat with trauma processing patterned sails.

The separation

Colonization systematically separated our communities and ensured the male voice was absent or powerless.

Communities were divided to ensure disparities in social and economic status, communal-esteem, and resources access, in-group trust, and unity.
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Our Answer

Its time to make connection our central goal. Shift the pattern of disloyalty, disharmony and protection of the outsider. Welcome peace and harmony after almost 500 years of war.
Two broken paperclips with ornate patterns, symbols of trauma processing.

The disconnection

No matter where we are across the globe, our human rights have been systematically and persistently violated.

Nation-level protection in the form of policies & political will has been absent even on the African continent.

As a group, our sense of safety has been lost.

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Our Answer

It is time we develop a communal Plan to Protect. Shift once and for all the enslaved mindset. Welcome the rebuilding of the spiritual and mental walls. Its time we ensure that new forms of colonization and enslavement cannot survive.

The National Healing Journey

A generation has emerged with the task of ushering in a fundamental shift in Canada’s national consciousness and identity.
A bold coalition of healers, community builders, and thought leaders are visioning a Nation of African Descent that excels in every domain of life and leads other nations in dismantling oppression for humanity. We are calling for every member of the African Diaspora to go on an individual trauma recovery Journey. We are asking African communities across the globe to come together, speak their truth, participate in a communal healing process, and together create the future our forefathers and mothers could only imagine.

Our Goal

Invest in people to create communities of excellence

By acknowledging the legacy of trauma and working to heal it, we can begin to move past the oppressive systems of the past and create a brighter future for all.

The Healing Triangle
The activities of The National Healing Journey are grouped under the three pillars identified by the UN: Recognition, Reconciliatory Education, and Restorative Health.
The Healing Triangle

The Healing Triangle

Healing is a powerful transformative process that heightens self-awareness, expansion of consciousness, and access to the spiritual and ancestral memories needed to support the global African community with knowing its position in the world and effectively playing its part.

This pillar is about recognizing and celebrating the important contributions of people of African descent, while also recognizing the colonization experiences, forced migration, prejudices, and unfair treatment as traumatic in nature. We aim to eliminate the victim narrative and reframe our story with the history that predates the enslavement experience.


  • Develop a K-12 curriculum to speak truth to our significant historical contributions
  • Mass and social media communication & campaigns that positions racism as trauma, counter stereotypes and correct misinformation
  • Deliver Truth Forgiveness and Reconciliation (TFR) ceremonies
  • Respond to ongoing public & hidden cases of brutality
  • Teach/coach /mentor members of our community how to reframe our narrative
Reconciliatory Education

We recognizes the importance of the education system in establishing a fair and just approach to ensuring people of African Descent equitable participate in all aspects of Canadian life. We are infusing a trauma-informed perspective in the mentorship and education of every child and student on their journey to becoming proud members of their community. We will also support those identified as leaders, healers, and advocates in the Black community with carrying-out communal healing ceremonies by training them as Truth Forgiveness and Reconciliation (TFR) Practitioners.


  • Develop K-12 anti-Black racism and anti-oppression curriculum
  • Deliver accredited program that certifies Truth Forgiveness and Reconciliation practitioners
  • Deliver accredited program that certifies Trauma Recovery Specialists
  • Work with community partners to design and deliver mentorship and coaching programs that connect elders and youth.
Restorative health

This pillar supports health and well-being at all ages. We will utilize an equity approach to address the social determinants of health, which include such factors as our shared oppressive experiences, resource access gaps, the income and social status inequities that impact health and wellbeing, community cohesion and working conditions, and more. Racial trauma will be adopted and highlighted as a social determinant of health.


  • 10,000 hours campaign
  • Becoming Method™ Certification to educate, empower, and mobilize the great healers of the 21st century
  • Create a platform to offer global access to Trauma Recovery Specialist educated with indigenized knowledge and culture-specific healing modalities
  • Advocate for reparations in the form of cost for trauma recovery care

Go With Us

Truth, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation Gathering

Our annual Truth Forgiveness and Reconciliation Gathering occurs in June each year and brings together the community to celebrate our resilience and triumphs over oppressive colonial injuries, shining a light on the vibrant mosaic of Black consciousness and identity. Woven into the fabric of this ceremony is an Afrocentric perspective on understanding, addressing, and healing the historical, cultural, social, and economic challenges faced by these communities.

Our 2024 Gathering kicks off on Friday June 21st, 2024 with a formal ceremony that incorporates traditional African drumming and dancing, the welcome of state officials; tasting of foods from Africa, the Caribbean, Nova Scotia, and regions of North and South America; story telling, and keynote addresses by highly respected public figures from the Black community.

10,000 Hours Campaign

In our steadfast commitment to the well-being of our community, the Becoming Institute is actively cultivating partnerships with local, provincial, and federal governments, as well as collaborating with Black-led, Black-focused, and Black-serving organizations and practitioners. Our goal in this collaboration is to offer the community unhindered access to 10,000 hours of free trauma recovery care.

From June 2024 to June 2029, the Becoming Institute is dedicated to bridging a crucial gap in mental health care. We will achieve this by training 1000 Afro-descendant individuals in the Becoming Method™—a psychotherapeutic certification that incorporates indigenized, Afro-centric trauma-informed, holistic mental health care. This approach is designed to address the specific trauma recovery needs of our communities.

The NHJ and the 10,000 Hours campaign reflects our humble commitment to fostering a resilient and supportive community. We aim to achieve this by enhancing mental health resources and expertise within the Afro-descendant population. Your support and engagement are vital as we strive to make a meaningful impact on the well-being of our community.

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